But Why Tho?: Rainbow Brite #3

But Why Tho? The Podcast reviews Rainbow Brite #3.

Rainbow Brite continues to be a delightful adventure that feeds the nostalgia which is so popular right now. Reboots are all the rage and similar to She-RaRainbow Brite keeps true to the source material but successfully updates it for the modern reader, young and old. I highly recommend this book to fans of the original series but also anyone who enjoys She-RaHilda, or similar stories that focus on the whimsy of childhood and colorful adventures.

Rainbow Brite #3 is available at comic stores and digital retailers everywhere January 2, 2019.

Rating: 4/5 Color Guardians

Garcia, Lizzy. “ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘Rainbow Brite,” Issue #3” But Why Tho? The Podcast. 26 December 2018

You can read the full review at here.

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