Raven Pirate Princess Book 1: Captain Raven and the All Girl Pirate Crew

Raven Xintao was the eldest and strongest child of the Pirate King and earned her place as the heir to his fleet. But her brothers undermined her, stole her birthright, and talked their father into locking her away in a tower like any common princess.

Now Raven is out and she’s ready for revenge. But before she can take to the high seas, she needs a pirate crew she can trust. And with her brothers controlling the combined force of her father’s fleet, she’ll have to find someone new. Her brothers may have picked up all the top pirate prospects, but they would never think to recruit women. Now Raven if putting together a whole crew of women who have had enough and are ready to fight back.

The only person she has left to recruit is a navigator. It just so happens, the best navigator and mapmaker Raven has ever met, Ximena Sanchez, lives right in the city where she’s recruiting. There’s just two problems: First, Raven has a huge crush on her. Second, last time she saw Ximena, Raven was helping her dad strand Ximena on the mainland with no explanation. Will she join Raven or kill her?

Book 1 is Illustrated by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt (Crowded).

Raven Pirate Princess Book 2: Free Women

As much Raven wishes it were, overthrowing your tyrannical brothers and taking back what’s yours is not all swashbuckling and maiden kissing. And when you recruit a fresh new crew of pirates, they have to be trained. But Raven has her work cut out for her. Her first mate, Katie, is a hard worker who’s to shy to order the rest of the crew around. Half-elf thief Sunshine is violently sea sick. Medic Jayla Cooke is violently anti-social. Oh and the expert navigator who Raven happens to have a crush on? She’s taken a vow of pacifism and refuses to fight.

But thing heat up with the crew is attacked and Raven is taken captive. Now Ximena and Sunshine – who both have feelings for Raven but can’t stand each other have to work together to try and find her. Can a crew of barely trained chemists, poets, dancers, and social outcasts find a way to stand up to the combined might of both Raven’s brothers? If they can’t, this quest for revenge might be over before it ever really started.

Book 2 of Raven Pirate Princess is illustrated by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt (Crowded).

Raven Pirate Princess Book 3: Two Boys, Five Girls, and Three Love Stories

When Raven was kidnapped, her navigator who she is secretly in love with, Ximena, led an attack to rescue her. But in the process of the rescue, Raven’s ruthless brother Crow attacked and injured Ximena. If Raven doesn’t find help quick, Ximena is going to die before Raven can tell her how she feels.

There are rumons about a mystic healer simply known as “The Lady” who can heal any injury. She may be Ximena’s last chance. However, she doesn’t help pirates. While Ximena may not be violent herself, because she’s sailing with Raven, The Lady won’t see her. But Raven isn’t taking no for an answer. Even if she has to burn down this whole island, Ximena will not die while Raven is still alive to fight for her.

Meanwhile, back at the ship, we get to hear some stories about the lives and origins of our heroes. First, we learn about the founding of Clan Xingtao. Then, we learn about this history of Sunshine, a half-human half-elf in a world where humans and elves live apart as mortal enemies.

Book 3 art by Ro Stein and Ted Brandt, Sorah Suhng, Jason Strutz, Nicki Andrews, and Bill Blankenship.

Raven Pirate Princess Book 4: Two Ships in the Night

With the crew whole again and back out on the sea, it’s time to celebrate. Raven and her crew are excited to be on the mend and on a mission. Raven herself is thrilled bacause since her revival at the hands of “The Lady”, things between Raven and Ximena have been great. Raven is finally working up the confidence to tell Ximena how she feels.

One person that’s not happy about that is Sunshine. Sunshine also has a crush on Raven and she sees her door closing. But if there’s two things Sunshine knows how to do, they’re dance and steal – and those are the only two skills she needs to steal Raven from Ximena.

But when the ship is attacked, Raven, Sunshine, and Ximena go overboard and it’s up to first mate Katie to rally the rest of the crew and fight off the attack of a pirate that Katie knows personally – one who plays on her own worst insecurities.

Book 4 art by Xenia Pamfil

Raven Pirate Princess Book 5: Get Lost Together

Raven Pirate Princess Book 6: Assault on Golden Rock

When Raven’s crew rescues a stranded ship of dancers they finally have the perfect opportunity to infiltrate Golden Rock.

The dancers are supposed to be entertaining the forces of Raven’s traitorous younger brother, Magpie. Now all Raven and her crew have to do is pass their team of hard-fighting, sea-sailing, revenge-seeking rogues off as beautiful pampered dancers and they can walk right in. But that’s not as easy as it seems and adding a squad of elite dancers to the crew brings some complications of its own.

But infiltrating is only half the job. Ximena leads a small force to the other end of the island with a plan to blow up the supports to the palace. But when things go sideways, who will survive and who will end up on the wrong side of the sword?

Book 6 art by Xenia Pamfil and Christine Hipp

Raven Pirate Princess Book 7: Date Night

With one brother down and the assault on Golden Rock behind them, it’s finally time for some rest and relaxation for Raven’s crew. For most of the crew that means one thing:


Raven and Ximena finally have time for the romantic dinner ten years in the making. Quinn is on a mission to prove that, against her natural inclinations, she can be the best girlfriend in the world to Zoe. Ananda fears that with Raven back in the picture, Sunshine has been drifting away from her and Ananda has a plan to get her back. And Verity has finally worked up the courage to convince Katie to ask her out. Now to just get her through a date without Katie freaking out.

Sparks will fly and, for once, it will be from romance and not explosions. Well…there might be some explosions too.

Volume 7 art by Xenia Pamfil and Christine Hipp. Covers by Sorah Suhng

Raven Pirate Princess Book 8: Afterglow and Aftermath

Date Night has left everyone with a warm fuzzy feeling, now it’s time to destroy it!

The mermaids have found Sunshine and Ananda and if they have to wreck Raven’s ship and drown her whole crew to do it, they will.

It’s a fight for the lives of the whole crew as Sunshine seeks to save herself from a woman who can control the very weather. And when your enemy can control the weather on the high seas, your ship doesn’t stand a chance!

Everything changes here and getting revenge against her brother might be the least of Raven’s worries.

Raven Pirate Princess Book 9: The Black Fort and the Golden Queen

The Black Fort is a legendarily evil place. Below it are caverns filled with monsters spawned from the bowels of the Earth. The very ground on which the fort is build is corrupted.

That’s why Raven’s brother, Crow, made it his base of operations. An endless supply of monsters makes it the perfect place for a colliseum. And now that he has Raven and some of her crew in his grasp, he’s going to make them fight for his entertainment until they die.

But elsewhere a handful of Raven’s crew is still free and they are on a mission to find their missing comrades. But will they be able to make it before Raven falls?

This time not everybody is going to make it out. After their time at The Black Rock, Raven’s crew will never be the same.

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