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World builder. Favorite Character Maker. Writer for hire

Jeremy Whitley is a writer from Durham, North Carolina. He broke into comics in 2010 with the Eisner-Nominated smash hit comic “Princeless”. He then spun off a second book in the same world called “Raven Pirate Princess” that highlighted the adventures of Raven and her all-girl crew of pirates.

After the success of Princeless, Jeremy has gone on to write for a number of existing properties including an acclaimed run for Marvel’s “Unstoppable Wasp”, “Future Foundation”, “Hulk Vs. Thor: Champions of the Universe” and a ground breaking coming out story for Marvel’s Gwenpool in their “Love Unlimited” series. He has also written for “Sea of Thieves”, “Vampirella”, and over 50 issues of “My Little Pony”.

Currently he is writing “School for Extraterrestrial Girls”, “The Dog Knight”, “The Cold Ever After”, and “The Dashing School for Wayward Princes”.

The Dog Knight

Frankie Bryant knows who they are. They’re a non-binary drummer who’s just trying to make it through middle school. But when they are recruited by a group of superhero dogs called The Pawtheon, they must undertake the Trials of The Dog Knight to see if they can become a champion of order and help save the world from chaos!


On her sixteenth birthday, Princess Adrienne Ashe is locked in a tower to await rescue by a handsome prince. But Adrienne doesn’t want to be rescued, she wants to be the hero of her own story. So Adrienne teams up with her guardian dragon Sparky and heads off on a quest to save her sisters, who are all locked up as well.


Raven Pirate Princess

Raven was betrayed by her brothers and her birthright was stolen from her. Now, she has recruited an all-girl pirate crew to get her revenge. But it won’t be easy. The high seas is full of danger, adventure, and romance.

Unstoppable Wasp

Nadia is the daughter of Hank Pym and she’s spent her entire life locked away in the Red Room. Now she’s free and she’s on a mission to recruit a team of young girl scientists and change the world.


The Cold Ever After

Ten years ago, Sir Noelani Mahi’ai made the greatest mistake a knight can make – she got caught in a romantic relationship with her queen. Since then, she’s been in exile.

But now Queen Isadora has come called on her service again. The princess has disappeared and if she’s not found in the next seven days, the warlord she’s sworn to marry plans to destroy the entire kingdom. Can Noelani find the girl she helped raise as her own and save the woman she loved or has she come back to die?

Love Unlimited: Gwenpool

The groundbreaking Marvel Unlimited miniseries in which Gwenpool was confirmed as Marvel’s first asexual character.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, odds are you might relate just a little too strongly at some point over the course of this story.

My Little Pony

Jeremy has written over 50 issues of My Little Pony comics