My name is Jeremy Whitley and I have a passion for creating worlds. I grew up with a deep and abiding love of everything we now call “speculative fiction” be it fantasy, science fiction, superheroes, or the beautifully odd things that fall in between. The turning point for me, however, was realizing that those worlds didn’t always include the people I love – people like my own mixed-race daughters, my queer and trans friends, and fully realized amazing women like the ones I knew in my own life.

I started with “Princeless” my award-winning small-press comic about a princess who decides to save herself and recruits her guardian dragon to come help her save her sisters. That led easily to the spin-off, “Raven the Pirate Princess” about a crew of queer lady pirates out for revenge. Those books gave me the opportunity to write on properties like “My Little Pony”, “Sea of Thieves”, and “Rainbow Brite”.

A few years later, I found myself with the opportunity to write for some of the most beloved characters in the world with Marvel Comics. My first ongoing series, “The Unstoppable Wasp” brought together a diverse cast of young female scientists. We then used it to explore themes of family, disability, diversity, and mental health. Our comics was featured in the New York Times in an article about our discussion and careful handling of Nadia learning that, like her father Hank Pym, she had bipolar disorder.

Where all of that has led me is back to creating my own worlds and looking for new worlds and new mediums to work in and explore. I launched my graphic novel series “School for Extraterrestrial Girls” with Papercutz in 2020, dealing with issues of immigration, coming of age, and body dysmorphia. In 2023, I launched my new graphic novel series “The Dog Knight” with Macmillan, which features a non-binary lead and deals with finding your place in a confusing world. In that time, I’ve also taken to working on prose and picture books with Marvel Publishing and writing for podcasts like “The Thrilling Adventure Hour”. I even had the extraordinary chance to work as a consulting writer with the innovative educators behind “Silverquicken”, an educational game that uses problem solving, games, and the internet to teach kids how do deal with modern real-world issues.

I am applying to work with you because I want to expand that world further. I want to create the media of the future – games, podcasts, and stories that are as amazing and diverse as the world around us. I love getting my hands dirty and getting deep into the mess of building worlds that people want to spend time in.

Higher Education

Graduated from UNC with a degree in English and creative writing.

There I learned screenwriting with legendary writer for the stage and screen, Bill Svanoe. For my fiction classes, I studied with beloved authors Laurence Naumoff and Marianne Ginger.

Writer/Creator - Comics/Graphic Novels

Princeless – Comic Book Series (2011 – Ongoing)

Princeless is the story of a young princess who finds herself locked in a tower and decides to rescue herself instead of waiting to be rescued. It tells the stories of her and her loyal companions as they attempt to rescue her sisters, who are all similarly locked in towers.

2 Time Eisner Nominee

3 Time Glyph Comics Award Winner

Amelia Bloomer Book List

Raven Pirate Princess – Comic Book Series (2013 – Ongoing)

From the pages of Princeless, Raven was created as a story inside the same world that centered queer characters. It is a YA story that focuses on themes that are important to teens including discovering who you are, falling in love for the first time, and seeking bloody revenge on your brothers for stealing your birthright.

The result is a book that has become a fan-favorite among queer readers that is equal parts swashbuckling adventure and teen soap opera.

School for Extraterrestrial Girls – Graphic Novel Series (2020 – Ongoing)

A coming-of-age story that makes the concept of an undocumented alien literal.

Tara Smith learns she’s an alien when she spontaneously combusts in the middle of class. The government gives her the choice of being shipped back to the planet her people are from, where she has never been, or going to a government school for extraterrestrial girls where she can learn to be a good Earthling.

Kirkus Starred Review

The Dog Knight – Graphic Novel Series (2022 – Ongoing)

A brand-new series that follows Frankie, a non-binary middle schooler who is looking for their place in the world as they encounter a group of magical dogs called “The Pawtheon”. The Pawtheon protects the worlds of humans and dogs from chaos and they need a human to help them save the world.

New York Times Pride Selection

The Cold Ever After – Original Graphic Novel (TBR February 2024)

Just announced. An Arthurian-Noir due out in 2023.

The Dashing School for Wayward Princess – Original Graphic Novel (TBR 2025)

Just announced. A co-written graphic novel with acclaimed writer Ben Kahn about princes who doesn’t fit the princely mold and a school designed to beat them into shape through the application of bullying, chauvinism, and toxic masculinity.

Freelance Writer - Comics

Marvel Comics (2015-Present)

The Unstoppable Wasp Volume 1 (Ongoing Series)

The Unstoppable Wasp Volume 2 (Ongoing Series)

Future Foundation Volume 1 (Ongoing Series)

Love Unlimited #43-48 (Digital Ongoing Series)

Thor vs Hulk: Champions of the Universe (Mini-Series)

Marvel Comics 1000 (Anthology)

Avengers Vol 7 #7-8 (Guest Writer)

Champions Vol 2 #1.MU (Tie-In)

All-New X-Men Vol 2 #1.MU (Tie-In)

Tony Stark: Iron Man #6-7 (Cowriter)

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #12 (Backup)

IDW Publishing (2014-Present)

Marvel Action: Chillers (4 Issue Miniseries)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (25 Issues)

My Little Pony: Friends Forever (9 Issues)

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic (12 Issue Miniseries)

My Little Pony: Classics Reimagined (4 Issue Miniseries)

My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights (5 Issues Miniseries)

Titan Publishing (2018-Present)

Sea of Thieves (4 Issue Miniseries)

Sea of Thieves Origins (3 Issue Miniseries)

Sea of Thieves Origins: Champion of Souls (3 Issue Miniseries)

Sea of Thieves: Servant’s Tale (One-Shot)

Dynamite Comics (2017-2019)

Vampirella (5-Issues Limited Run Series)

Rainbow Brite (Ongoing Series)

Freelance Writer - Non-Comics

Marvel Publishing (2021 – Present

Wrote a variety of picture books, short stories, and even a novelization for the non-comics arm of Marvel/Disney that still deals with Marvel characters.

5-Minute Marvels

Eternals Novelization (Not published in America)

Marvel Mech Strike Picture/Activity Books

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast (2019-2020)

Wrote two episodes of the extraordinary “podcast in the style of old time radio”, which were then performed by a troupe of exceptional actors and comedians.

This Cockamamie Future

Poor Felton’s Almanac

Progressively Horrified Podcast (2020-Present)

Host/Writer (150 Episodes and Counting)

I am the writer and host for a podcast I work on weekly with my friends. Our goal is to take the insular and often repulsive world of horror and find ways to open it up to progressive and diverse audiences. We discuss horror films with strong feminist themes, directors and characters of color, LGBTQIA+ themes and characters, and issues around class and mental health.

Silverquicken Education Inc. (2021)

Consulting Writer/Character Creator

Was brought on to the project to help craft a world and characters that kids would want to know and visit. Turned names and concepts into diverse and exciting characters and worked with a character artist to bring them to life.

Technical Writer - HCL (2013-2019)

Worked at a technical support service desk, supporting remote support technicians by compiling technical documents into short and easy to reference bullet points.

During my time we created an entire Knowledge Base supporting thousands of employees across five continents.