But Why Tho?: Rainbow Brite, Issue #2

However, despite the wordy nature of the comic, it is delightful. Whitley writes an incredibly likable Wisp. Additionally, Williams’ art adds a lot of whimsy to the story with its cartoonish design. In a book called Rainbow Brite, color is very important. While a lot of this issue had to rely on grays, the end panels are beautifully colored and drawn. Pinto’s coloring within the last three pages of the book elevates the book entirely. The last pages smartly feature little dialogue and instead focus on Wisp’s expressions and transformation. Overall, I highly recommend this book for someone looking for a lighter read as well as fans of Rainbow Brite both new and old.

Rainbow Brite #2 is available at comic stores everywhere.

Rating: 4/5 Star Sceptors

Garcia, Lizzy. “REVIEW: ‘Rainbow Brite,’ Issue #2” But Why Tho? The Podcast. 14 November 2018.

Head over to But Why Tho? The Podcast to read the review in its entirety.

But Why Tho?: ‘Vampirella: Volume #2: The God You Know’

Dynamite’s Vampirella is a classic. She’s sexy, she’s gruesome, and she really needs no introduction. Written by Jeremy Whitley, illustrated by Andy Belanger and Rapha Lobosco, colors by Lee Loughridge, and letters by Travis Lanham, “The God You Know” is a great introduction to Vampirella for any newbie.

Bruce, Christine M. “Vampirella: Volume #2: The God You Know’” But Why Tho? The Podcast. 17 October 2018.

Christine Bruce gives Vampirella “3/5 stakes through the heart”. Click here to read the full review!

Talking Comics: The Unstoppable Wasp #1

Talking Comics reviews the return of The Unstoppable Wasp.

Whitley once again delivers another comic full of spunk and fun. The banter entertained, and the action was engaging. All of the characters sport their own personalities. Even the most underappreciated avenger, Jarvis, returns to teach Nadia how to drive. The art by Gurihiru pops with vibrant colors and cool designs. The letters by Joe Caramanga suit the tone of the comic perfectly.

Verdict: Buy! This comic was the best thing I read this week, maybe this month. Whitley is doing even better than last time, and this series is top shelf quality. Buy it, read it, and when you finish it, give it to someone else. This comic is the perfect gift for boys and girls of all ages.

KrisK. “The Unstoppable Wasp #1 – Review” Talking Comics. 19 October 2018.

WMQ&A: See the Shining Light

Stoked to sit in on episode 35 of WMQ&A from the good folks at WMQ Comics. We get to talk about Rainbow Brite, The Unstoppable Wasp, and, of course, Princeless.

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Talking Comics: Rainbow Brite #1

Talking Comics reviewed the first issue of Rainbow Brite:

The story is action-packed with interesting twists and turns. A transition occurs midway through the book when Wisp confronts a mystical creature which she sees outside her home. She reacts courageously, as does Willow, demonstrating the continuity between her play persona and her real life choices!   The art is light and cartoony while supporting both the thematic and fantasy elements of the story. Our little heroes are adorable and the fact that they have ambitious dreams that are unaffected by monsters and supported by parents makes the story that much better . I highly recommend this book for children and parents of young children. Overall = 9

tjaxzi. “Rainbow Brite #1”. Talking Comics. 8 Oct. 2018

A Few Reviews for Rainbow Brite #1

Wisp herself gives off a “Kelsey of the Creek” vibe, but of special note is Willow and her family. When the origin story of Rainbow Brite leads with a black girl breaking from her fantasy comic to put her homemade mage hat over her natural hair and argue about Live Action Role Play with her friend, the moment is remarkable in how normal it is. She’s not a sidekick, but a precocious nerd raised by supportive, wryly humorous parents.
By the last page, this comic made for an entertaining prologue to a property that I had little knowledge of. I envy the children who have this book put into their hands — especially once the full story is released and collected. Here’s hoping many more enjoy this re-introduction to Rainbow Brite, and the talents shaping her world.

3.5 out of 5 Fearsome Warrior Ladies


From the review:

My childhood is painted with the colors of Rainbow Brite. She was the hero I needed when I didn’t have a hero I could turn to. She and her friends were my family, and I’ve followed their adventures through thick and thin and have never wavered in my love for them. In fact, I loved her so much that, to this day, there are friends and family who still call me Rainbow Brite. So, when I heard about an all-new ongoing comic book series, I was intrigued but worried.

Then I read it. 

Released through Dynamite comics, the series gives Rainbow Brite a chance to be that hero she was for me to a whole new generation of kids and, after reading the first issue, I can honestly say they’re going to love her!

Mogan, Kenyth. “RAINBOW BRITE IS THE FEARLESS RAINBOW WARRIOR WE ALL NEED” Rediscover the ’80s. 27 September 2018.

You can read the rest of the review at Rediscover the ’80s!


From ¡Un Cómic Más! (Porque siempre quieres leer un cómic más, ¿verdad?):

Este cómic es perfecto para todas las edades, con una trama inocua, divertida apoyada de un arte bien definido e inocente, este equipo creativo de Whitley y Williams logran establecer unas buenas bases para llevar esta adaptación de una serie animada a otro nivel.

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