From the review:

My childhood is painted with the colors of Rainbow Brite. She was the hero I needed when I didn’t have a hero I could turn to. She and her friends were my family, and I’ve followed their adventures through thick and thin and have never wavered in my love for them. In fact, I loved her so much that, to this day, there are friends and family who still call me Rainbow Brite. So, when I heard about an all-new ongoing comic book series, I was intrigued but worried.

Then I read it. 

Released through Dynamite comics, the series gives Rainbow Brite a chance to be that hero she was for me to a whole new generation of kids and, after reading the first issue, I can honestly say they’re going to love her!

Mogan, Kenyth. “RAINBOW BRITE IS THE FEARLESS RAINBOW WARRIOR WE ALL NEED” Rediscover the ’80s. 27 September 2018.

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From ¡Un Cómic Más! (Porque siempre quieres leer un cómic más, ¿verdad?):

Este cómic es perfecto para todas las edades, con una trama inocua, divertida apoyada de un arte bien definido e inocente, este equipo creativo de Whitley y Williams logran establecer unas buenas bases para llevar esta adaptación de una serie animada a otro nivel.

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Newsarama: Advance Review of Rainbow Brite #1

Rainbow Brite has gone through more than half a dozen incarnations through the years, but this newest one from Dynamite and a solid bench of creative talents might be one of the better ones. Supported by heartfelt characterization and a genuine wit from Jeremy Whitley and expressively stylish artwork from Brittney Williams and Valentina Pinto, Rainbow Brite #1 is a grounded, but fun new take on the property, one that is brimming with potential. Sure to please long-time Saturday morning TV fans and a whole new generation of readers unfamiliar with her colorful adventures, Rainbow Brite #1 is a well-presented beacon of positivity.

Pepose, David. “Best Shots Advance Reviews: RAINBOW BRITE #1, MAN EATERS #1, FRIENDO #1, WASTED SPACE VOL. 1” Newsarama. 25 Sept. 2018

Justin Partridge of Newsarama gives Rainbow Brite #1 8/10. You can read the rest of the review here!

Talking Comics: SEA OF THIEVES #1

Review of Sea of Thieve #1 from Talking Comics:

The art is gorgeous. The colors help create depth and contrasts for each panel by pulling dark colors to the front, pushing bright yellows to the background.  As a result, the horizons last forever, the rooms show great details, even in characters who are in the background. One of Jeremy Whitley’s strengths as a writer is his character work. They all feel distinct, authentic, and clearly defined. His sharp writing style lends to the impact of Rin’s meaness, Alessia’s whileyness, and DeMarco’s whimsicalness. This book is a nice start to a story that could grow into something really fun. I highly recommend picking up The Sea of Thieves.

tjaxzi. “Sea of Thieves #1” Talking Comics. 23 March 2018.

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