Jeremy Whitley

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jeremy whitley Emerald_City_ComiCon

Emerald City Comic Con March 1st – 4th 2018

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Secret Love

Secret Love, Princeless, and Ponies on Nerds of Color

I sat down with Keith Chow of Nerds of Color to talk all about Misty and Danny Forever, Princeless, Pirate Princess, and My Little Pony. ¬†Our conversation ranges pretty widely, from the projects I’m working on right now to current issues that are being discussed throughout the comics industry. Keith ...
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secret love

Secret Love: Misty and Danny Forever on BGN

August 19th saw the launch of my first project with Marvel Comics in “Secret Wars: Secret Love” for which I wrote the story “Misty and Danny Forever”. The story follows an alternate version of Misty Knight and Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) in a time where they have decided to ...
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